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While we do see walk-ins, appointments are always recommended. As a comprehensive health care facility we offer a full range of veterinary services including on site lab, pharmacy, digital x-ray and EKG. In addition to surgeries, with a special interest in orthopedics, we also offer full service dental care.

Wellness Exams

Brentwood Animal Hospital, we offer wellness exams for your pets at all ages. We offer full vaccination protocols for your puppy or kitten, as well as certificates of health if you are traveling or selling. Our senior pets can receive routine bloodwork to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

Spay & Neuter

At Brentwood Animal Hospital, we perform spays and neuters for your pets. This service has many health benefits for your pets outside of preventing unplanned litters. Give us a call and let us set up your appointment! Feel free to ask us the many ways that this routine surgery benefits your pet.

Emergency Care

Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center

4800 N Davis Hwy,
Pensacola, FL 32503

Near the intersection of N Davis Hwy and Royce St



We offer full vaccinations for your puppies, kittens and adult pets! Puppies and kittens should recieve at least 3 sets of booster vaccines starting around 6 weeks of age to protect them from potentially fatal diseases! All of our Rabies vaccines are 3 year vaccines after the booster! We also offer Escambia County licenses and Brentwood Animal Hospital tags for those who visit us from outside of the county. Vaccines should be done once a year for your adult pets to help protect you and your pet. Vaccine protocol can be adjusted to fit the needs of those pets who have special circumstances.


Clients must make appointments in advance for all except emergency surgeries. Most surgery patients will spend twenty-four (24) hours in the hospital from the time they are admitted until they are released. To protect everyone’s pet, we require that your animal’s vaccinations be current before they are admitted for elective surgeries. Specific handouts are available for routine and post op surgeries. We offer a wide range of surgical procedures, from the routine spay or neuter to emergency surgeries for your pet. We also provide orthopedic surgery options for those with knee or hip issues!


We offer international microchips for your pets through Home Again. Your first year of registration online is paid with your micro-chip! Help make sure that your pet comes home with this service.


Come to our clinic for routine baths! We also trim nails and clean ears! For those pets who don't enjoy traditional grooming environments, we offer the option of light sedation. We can give your pet a summer cut or even a simple sanitary clip!

Dental Care

We offer dental cleaning and care at our facitlity. We can help your pet have a clean and healthy smile with our ultrasonic scaler and polisher! If any teeth need to be pulled, we can do that. Call and set up an appointment today! You pet will have to stay with us for the day and will need all vaccines up to date for their safety.


Radiographs are an important diagnostic tool for your pet! Here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, we can take radiographs for your pet for a variety of issues including orthopedic, gastric, lumbar and much more. We also do OFA certification imaging and procedure.


While you're away from home please consider boarding your pet in our clean and modern boarding facilty with veterinary care on site! Our caring staff are here every day of the year to take care of your furry family members . We have blankets, bowls, leahses and treats for all your pets. If your pet has special medical needs, our staff are equipped to ensure your pet's health and happiness while they stay with us. Feel free to call and set up a reservation! If you would like to bring anything for your pets, we would love to accomodate you.