Conditions We Treat

Brentwood Animal Hospital Treats a Broad Range of Pet Conditions

Throughout their lifetimes, pets may be subject to a number of health problems that require veterinary care. As a pet owner, you want experienced veterinarians with an understanding of the compassionate care each animal needs. At Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, FL, we offer experienced veterinary care for a variety of common pet health problems.

Brentwood Animal Hospital Treats a Broad Range of Pet Conditions

Respiratory Infections

Both cats and dogs can develop a respiratory infection that causes sneezing, coughing, eye discharge, ear problems and breathing difficulties. Your veterinarians in Pensacola can provide antibiotics and other medications to eliminate the infection.

Eye and Ear Problems

Eye infections and disorders can occur at any time and are more common in breeds of dogs that have prominent eyes. Veterinarians frequently treat ear infections in both cats and dogs.

Wound Care

Animals sometimes sustain minor wounds from romping outdoors or in fights with other animals. We can provide careful analysis of the injury and suture wounds. If more extensive wound care is needed, we can also provide surgical repair.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Animals often eat things they shouldn’t, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal obstructions. Your vet can provide careful diagnosis of these issues and will determine the appropriate treatment for your pet’s needs.

Urinary Tract Problems

Urinary tract infections and bladder stones are fairly common conditions that vets treat on a regular basis. Medications and dietary changes can help to prevent some of these problems.

Skin Disorders

Skin eruptions can develop from insect bites, allergies or contact with harsh chemicals used inside or outside the home. The vet will carefully examine your pet and will help you find the source of the problem.

Orthopedic Problems

Your vet can also help to set fractured bones, treat arthritis in older animals and provide care for animals with ACL injuries and subluxated patella problems.

Heart, Kidney and Liver Disorders

Some animals develop problems of the heart, kidneys or liver that require ongoing treatment with medications to help maintain their health. Metabolic disorders such as diabetes are fairly common, and your vet can help provide the treatments to help your pet live a long and happy life.

Make Brentwood Animal Hospital Your Veterinarians in Pensacola, FL

Dr. Todd Burnett and the staff at Brentwood Animal Hospital utilize their many years of experience caring for animals to help their patients in Pensacola, FL achieve and maintain good health. We offer care from kitten and puppy hood to the senior years, with individualized attention and state-of-the-art equipment. Call Brentwood Animal Hospital today at 850-434-2646 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the many ways we can help your pet stay healthy.