Digital Ultrasound

Brentwood Animal Hospital Offers Digital Ultrasound Diagnostics

When animals are sick, they can’t tell the vet what’s wrong or where it hurts. Veterinarians depend on a variety of diagnostic measures to help them pinpoint the problem. Technology like digital ultrasound has made it possible to see images of the internal organs of the animal, without resorting to exploratory surgery. This makes diagnosis easier and more accurate, so appropriate treatment can be initiated sooner. At Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, FL, we offer digital ultrasound technology to help diagnose pet health problems.

dog getting digital ultrasound at vetWhat Is Digital Ultrasound?

Digital ultrasonography uses sound waves to produce a computerized image. The waves bounce off soft tissues and transmit to a computer that turns the information into digital images on the computer screen. The images show abnormalities in the shapes and sizes of the internal structures that could indicate a disease condition, foreign body or other problem. Veterinarians receive intensive training in analyzing the images, to detect anything that varies from normal.

What Conditions Can Digital Ultrasound Detect?

As with humans, ultrasound technology can be used to monitor pets that are pregnant or are having difficulties with birthing. The images can detect the number and images of the puppies inside the mother, as well as detect any abnormalities in the reproductive organs themselves. Ultrasound can also be used to detect obstructions in the intestines, heart problems, intestinal obstructions, tumors or changes in the kidneys, liver or pancreas. The technology can also be used for diagnosing orthopedic disorders.

How Is Digital Ultrasound Used?

To get an ultrasound image, the veterinarian uses a hand-held device passed over the area of the body where the problem is suspected. The animal must lie quietly during the process, and some animals may require sedation in order to allow the vet to get a clear image of the internal tissues. The process is painless for the animal and takes only a few minutes. The veterinarian will then carefully study the images produced to detect abnormalities that indicate a health problem.

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