Ear infections

Pet Ear Infections

There's nothing worse to pet parents than a sick dog. Those big brown eyes don't sparkle, her tail doesn't swish madly when she sees you, and she lies around with no energy. She'll give you signs of ear infections, so you can take her to Brentwood Animal Hospital to see a Pensacola veterinarian.

Dogs with floppy ears tend to have more ear problems than other dogs. Add to that the fact that their ear canal is vertical instead of the horizontal of a human. This means that water gets in and can't drain out of the ear canal. This is the perfect scenario for bacteria and yeast to grow and infect the ears. With that in mind, these are a few ways your dog is telling you she needs doggy medical care. 


Causes Of Ear Infections

We've discussed the shape of the canine ear canal and how moisture can wreak havoc in it. Other causes of ear problems are:

  • Ear mites
  • Wax build up
  • Virus
  • Allergies
  • Injuries
  • Cleaning ears too much

What Will Her Symptoms Look Like?

There's a difference between her ears being irritated and being infected. Irritation goes away between a few hours and a day or so. Infections will make her:

  • Dig into her ear with her claws
  • Scratch her ears
  • Tilt her head and shake it
  • Have an unpleasant odor in the ears
  • Have a brownish discharge
  • She might have temporary hearing loss
  • She might also lose her balance

Why You Shouldn't Treat Their Infection At Home

Your Pensacola veterinarian will clean your dog's ears and then seek out the cause of the infection. He will then advise you what medicine to give her and how to take care of her until the infection is gone. If he has to dig through oils, powders, creams, or other home remedies, they could possibly make the condition worse. It will then take twice as long for your dog to heal. You'd have a good idea if you took her to the vet upon first recognizing the signs your dog is giving you.

An ear infection typically lasts for one to two weeks, but they recur over time. If the case is severe, the vet may have to operate. This includes the removal of the infected ear canal which removes the place for moisture to get caught and cause its mayhem.

Take your dog regularly (every month or so) to the Brentwood Animal Hospital for the Pensacola veterinarian to clean her ears. He'll be able to catch any problems early enough so they won't annoy her too badly not to mention keeping her whole body healthy.