Making sure your pet has a routine veterinary exam is one of the most important aspects of owning a pet, but in some instances, this isn't enough. Younger pets may sometimes not be as careful as they should be, and older pets may experience a traumatic injury such as a fracture or torn ligament that may require them to receive orthopedic veterinary care. Maintaining healthy joints and healthy bones can sometimes be challenging, and caring for canine limbs is something that needs to be approached differently than handling human orthopedic issues.


Watching Out for Changes in Your Pet's Movement

There are times when a pet has an accident or has been in a fight, and it is obvious that something is wrong, but sometimes these issues sneak up a bit more gradually, and your pet can't always show or tell you if he is developing a chronic degenerative disorder. Especially as he ages, it is important to pay attention to if your pet is moving differently and take him to the veterinarian if you notice anything out of the ordinary, like a slow down or a limp. 

While there is a certain level of vulnerability for all dogs and cats, especially with conditions such as arthritis, larger dogs are more likely to suffer from chronic degenerative conditions like hip dysplasia. Smaller dogs are more likely to experience knee problems. Fortunately, our Pensacola veterinarian can help find a way to give your pets some relief, whether it is recommending an orthopedic bed that will allow pets to have less day to day pain, or if it means more serious treatment, such as orthopedic surgery for a torn ligament or elbow replacement or fracture surgery for limb correction.

Routine Veterinary Exams Can Help You Identify Orthopedic Issues in Your Pets

At Brentwood Animal Hospital, every wellness exam is a potential opportunity to catch budding orthopedic issues, and if there is any suspicion that your pet has hurt himself or is experiencing signs of a common degenerative condition, we can look into what is going on using diagnostic tools such as x-rays, ultrasounds, and blood tests. Pets often respond favorably to treatments such as physical therapy, medications, or surgery.

In addition to orthopedic services, we also provide other services to keep your pets healthy including vaccinations, microchipping, emergency care, and more.

If your pet's movement has been compromised, we can help you figure out the best next steps to take. Contact Brentwood Animal Hospital at 850-434-2646 to schedule an appointment.