Pet Allergy FAQs

Like people, pets are susceptible to allergies that can make their life miserable. Symptoms of pet allergies often show up in your pet’s skin as rashes, dry skin, open sores, etc. If you suspect your pet may have allergies, bring him to Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola for an evaluation. The following allergy FAQs provide more information about pet allergies, diagnosis, and treatments.

Pet Allergy FAQs

Why Does My Pet Have Allergies?  

Pets can be allergic to many of the same allergies as people, including pollen, certain types of plants or trees, chemicals in cleaning products, food, etc. If your pet has contact with an allergen, it may trigger allergic symptoms like skin rashes, digestive problems, or respiratory problems.

How Do I Know My Pet Has an Allergy?

The more time you spend with your pet, the easier it is to spot allergic reactions by noticing your pet’s symptoms. You may notice symptoms worsen after your pet eats certain foods or comes in contact with certain plants or trees. Be sure to take note of your observations, as they can be helpful in pinpointing the allergen that’s bothering your pet.

How Are Pet Allergies Diagnosed?

If your pet is experiencing digestive, respiratory, or skin issues, talk to your Pensacola vet about the possibility of allergies. We can test your pet for allergies to help identify the allergens and recommend a plan for treatment. The sooner your pet is diagnosed for allergies, the sooner he can get treatment to alleviate aggravating symptoms. In many cases, you can simply eliminate the allergen from your pet’s life to halt their symptoms.

What Kind of Skin Problems Can Pet Allergies Cause?

Pet allergies can cause skin rashes, skin irritations, and dry, flaky skin. Skin rashes can cause nonstop itching, prompting your pet to scratch, chew, or bite on his skin relentlessly. This can lead to open sores and infections. If you notice your pet scratching his body incessantly, particularly in the same spot, he may be suffering from an allergic reaction.

How Are Pet Allergies Treated? 

At The Brentwood Animal Hospital, we’ll carefully assess your pet’s symptoms and conduct blood and skin tests to determine what’s causing his allergic reactions. If we feel your pet may have a food allergy, we may suggest putting restrictions on his diet to determine what ingredient or food is causing the reaction. Once we pinpoint the allergen, we’ll eliminate it from his diet or lifestyle. We may also prescribe medications to alleviate symptoms.

See Your Pensacola Vet for Pet Allergies

For diagnosis and treatment for your pet’s allergies, contact Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola at 850-434-2646 today.