Pet Arthritis

Arthritis Care For Your Pensacola Pet

At the Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, we understand that your pet has special needs as your dog or cat gets older. When your pet is showing signs of slowing down, struggling to get up onto high spaces, it's time to have your pet checked for arthritis and other conditions that are causing problems with mobility and energy levels.


How Arthritis Affects Your Dog or Cat

Your dog or cat may start to have trouble jumping up onto furniture, getting into the car, or snuggling up into their favorite place when arthritis is an issue. Like people, arthritis is painful and can cause mobility issues. When pain is present because of arthritis, your pet is not going to be as active.  You may notice that your pet hesitates to walk, or has a limp. Arthritis in pets sets in over time, and you may simply see that your pet no longer loves going for runs or doesn't pounce up on the back of the couch.

Treatment For Arthritis In Pets

Treatment for arthritis in pets in Pensacola is much like that for people who are dealing with arthritis. Your veterinarian will talk about medications that can reduce inflammation and help promote better mobility for your dog or cat. Medication can be used to minimize pain and help get your pet to feel better. If your pet is significantly overweight, treatment can include weight loss to help reduce the strain on your pet's joints as they try to move.

Accommodating Your Pet With Arthritis

As your pet gets older, you may need to develop some accommodations within your home to help your pet negotiate better. If your pet struggles to get onto a higher surface, a small ramp or stairs can help. When your pet is sore, you may want to consider a softer dog or cat bed to make them comfortable. Pay attention to how your pet is moving around and report any big changes to your veterinarian. Your pet may need a medication change to better manage their pain. Look for ways to make it easier for your pet to accomplish the things they want to do.

Treatment For Pet Arthritis Now

Contact the Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola at 850-434-2646 today if your pet is showing signs of arthritis and needs quality care from a veterinarian. We understand pet arthritis, and we are ready to help your pet live their best life possible.