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Pet Dental

Pet Dental Care at Brentwood Animal Hospital

Pet Dental month is celebrated at Brentwood Animal Hospital every February and September! During those months, we offer 10% off dental cleanings.

One of the endearing things about some pets is how they frequently appear to be smiling - but the teeth revealed by those smiles may hold a more sober reality. Dental injuries and oral diseases can cause your best friend a great deal of discomfort and even jeopardize his health. Fortunately, the pet dental care available here at Brentwood Animal Hospital can help you give your pet something to really smile about - a happier, healthier life.

Dog getting its teeth brushed in Pensacola, FL.

Your Pet's Dental Health Matters

Unless your pet is actively displaying mouth pain, missing teeth or some other obvious dental issue, you may simply assume that all is well inside his mouth. Unfortunately, pets can and do run into dental trouble, and not necessarily in ways, an owner might immediately recognize. In fact, the principal enemy -- bacteria -- is invisible to the naked eye. Bacteria tend to seek out plaque and tartar on the teeth, and when they do, the immune system reacts by creating gum inflammation. This inflammation, known as periodontal disease, can eventually cause your pet's teeth to fall out if left unchecked.

Another threat, oral cancer, may only become visible in its later stages. This deadly disease can grow and spread rapidly in the oral cavity. Infections are more likely to display symptoms such as swelling, bleeding, drooling, foul breath, and pus. Bacteria that enter a tooth can create abscesses in the gums and jaw. A break in a tooth can provide bacteria with easy entry into these tissues, which is why any cracked or broken teeth need to be dealt with as early on as possible.

Evaluation and Treatment by Our Veterinarian in Pensacola, FL

Our veterinarian in Pensacola, FL, Dr. Todd Burnett, can provide both preventative pet dental care and prompt, skilled treatment for any dental issues. Annual dental evaluations are a smart strategy for the majority of pets. (Geriatric animals tend to have more dental problems, so these pets need two dental exams per year.) A combination of X-ray imaging and external inspection lets us ascertain the state of your pet's mouth so we can recommend any needed treatments.

A tooth cleaning is another important part of preventative care. Our Pensacola veterinarian can remove troublesome tartar that might otherwise attract bacteria. We'll also teach you how to protect your pet's dental wellness between regularly scheduled evaluations and cleanings.

From Routine Checkups to Emergency Pet Care, We Can Help

Whether your pet needs a routine dental checkup or emergency pet care such as jaw injury treatment, Brentwood Animal Hospital is your veterinary dental resource. Call 850-434-2646 for an appointment with our Pensacola veterinarian.

Don't forget that during the months of February and September, we offer 10% off dental cleanings!