Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Eye Infections

If your pet has been pawing at his face, been blinking excessively, or avoiding bright lights, he may have an eye infection. Here at The Brentwood Animal Hospital, we’ve complied some of the most commonly asked questions to help you determine if it’s time to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

  • What Are the Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections?  Tears, discolored mucous, and discolored eyeballs are all dead giveaways that your pet may have an eye infection.
  • What Are Some Common Causes of Pet Eye Infections?  Eye infections can come from a number of different sources.  Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can all infect your pet’s eyes.
  • Are Eye Infections Painful?  Eye infections cause more than just pain and discomfort for pets.  If left untreated, eye infections can not only damage an animal’s eyes, but also spread to other parts of the body like the heart, liver, and kidneys.
  • How Does a Veterinarian Determine What’s Wrong? During an examination of your pet’s affected eye or eyes, a veterinarian will conduct a number of inspections and tests to determine the exact cause of your pet’s eye infection.  
  • Can I Use My Eye Drops on My Cat or Dog?  Absolutely not.  While human eye drops and animal eye drops treat the same kinds of illnesses, they do so in different ways.  Using your eye drops in your pet’s eyes could very well cause more harm than good.  Our veterinarian can provide your pets with an animal-friendly prescription for drops to clear up your pet’s eye infection.
  • Will I Need to Give My Cat or Dog Eye Drops to Cure His Eye Infection?  In the case of a bacterial or fungal infection, yes. If your pet’s eyes are afflicted with a viral infection, the best thing you can do to help is mediate your pet’s symptoms and try to keep their eyes as protected as possible.

Make an Appointment Today to Have Your Pet's Eyes Examined by Our Veterinarian

If you have noticed a sudden change in your pet's eyes, he has had irritated eyes for more than a day, or you suspect that he has an infection, give our Pensacola, FL, vet a call.  We here at The Brentwood Animal Hospital are happy to see you and your pets as soon as possible and provide a plan of action for a rapid recovery.