Pet Seizures

Brentwood Animal Hospital Offers Emergency Care For Pet Seizures

When a pet has a seizure, it can be a frightening event. Owners may not know what to think when their dog or cat has these unusual symptoms. Seizures are considered pet emergencies that require immediate investigation by a veterinarian. At Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, FL, we provide emergency care when pets experience a sudden seizure.


Symptoms of a Seizure in Pets

A seizure will produce noticeably unusual symptoms in your pet. The animal may collapse, drool, tongue chew or foam at the mouth. A collapsed animal may make paddling movements with the paws or jerk uncontrollably. They may lose control of the bladder or bowels. Your pet may seem confused, wobbly or bump into things. Clearly the animal does not understand what's happening and may try to hide or may be visibly upset.

What Causes Pet Seizures?

Essentially, a seizure is a disturbance in the electrical activity in the brain. An episode may result from ingesting a poison, a head injury, a stroke or from a liver disorder. Anemia or electrolyte imbalances can cause seizures. Kidney disease or brain cancer can also result in seizures. A dog may have epilepsy, causing repeated seizures, which require medication to control. Cats also can experience seizures, generally from low blood sugar or high blood pressure from kidney impairment. Your veterinarian will investigate the cause of the seizures in order to provide the appropriate treatment.

Pet Emergency Care For Seizures

Some seizures may come on suddenly and are very brief. In other cases, the seizures may come in clusters. The vet will do several tests to determine if some disorder in the internal organs is causing the problem. Blood tests, urinalysis, liver function tests and blood pressure testing, along with diagnostic imaging, helps the vet to pinpoint the source of the problem. Once a proper diagnosis is made, the veterinarian can them prescribe medications to treat underlying problems and control the seizures.

Choose Brentwood Animal Hospital For Emergency Care for Pet Seizure

Dr. Burnett and the team at Brentwood Animal Hospital use their vast experience with animals to provide the highest quality care for their patients in Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas. We offer many veterinary services for pets including vaccinations, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, laser therapy, microchipping and boarding. Contact Brentwood Animal Hospital today at 850-434-2646 when your pet experiences a seizure that needs immediate care.

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