Pet Ultrasound

If there's something wrong with your pet, or if your pet is pregnant, sometimes she needs more than just a wellness exam. If you live in Pensacola, Florida, you know you have a veterinarian you can trust to treat your pet at Brentwood Animal Hospital. We have the latest in diagnostic equipment, including a digital ultrasound that will help your vet diagnose your pet's problems.


What Is Digital Ultrasound?

Digital ultrasound is a type of ultrasound technology that uses sound waves to look inside living bodies. This is a harmless, painless, and non-invasive procedure. Our veterinarian will use the digital ultrasound to send sound waves into your pet that will bounce off different organs and structures inside, and digitally display an image of your pet’s internal tissues.

Why Is Digital Ultrasound Used Over X-Rays in Some Circumstances?

X-rays are great diagnostic tools and are used to look specifically at bones and other structures that are dense enough to block x-ray radiation. However, X-rays are not very good at identifying problems with soft tissues. Our veterinarian can get a general idea of a problem looking at a radiograph, but to fully diagnose an organ or other soft tissue problem, he needs to use ultrasound technology. Plus, if your pet is pregnant, you'll want to avoid subjecting the unborn fetuses to unnecessary radiation.

What Is Digital Ultrasound Used for?

Digital ultrasound is used to detect puppies or kittens in a pregnant dog or cat. You can actually see the fetuses in real time on the display, and even count how many kittens or puppies your pet may be carrying. Ultrasound is also used for locating tumors or abnormalities in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Your veterinarian can also use the ultrasound to see inside your pet's intestines and stomach to look for obstructions or other problems. Lastly, ultrasound can be used to look at your pet's joints to see if there is arthritis or maybe a tear in ligaments.

How Is Pet Ultrasound Performed?

Pet ultrasounds are painless, but your pet must lie still so the veterinarian may pass a hand held ultrasound wand over the area he wishes to view. It takes maybe a few minutes for the entire procedure, but some pets may find it disturbing and may have to be sedated so the veterinarian gets a good image. Once the images are taken, our veterinarian will study them and make a diagnosis.

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