Pet Urgent/Emergency Care

The Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, FL Offers Urgent Care Pet Services

No matter how carefully you tend to your pet’s needs, veterinary emergencies can arise. Your pet may experience an accident or a sudden illness that requires immediate veterinary attention. At The Brentwood Animal Hospital in Pensacola, FL we have the knowledge and experience to handle these pet emergencies.

veterinarian holding puppy

What Constitutes an Urgent Care Situation?

Pet owners are often unsure what constitutes an emergency situation that needs quick veterinary care. If your pet experiences any of the following symptoms, visit your Pensacola, FL veterinarian immediately.

  • If your pet is bleeding or appears to have a broken bone
  • If your pet vomits more than once or twice, or has continuous diarrhea
  • If your pet has trouble breathing, appears to be in pain or has bloating of the abdomen
  • If your pet has a seizure or becomes unconscious
  • If your pet appears to be having an allergic reaction or has a heat stroke

The Brentwood Animal Hospital Can Provide Urgent Care

Our veterinarians at The Brentwood Animal Hospital can provide on-site diagnostic services to determine the cause and extent of your pet’s emergency. We can do immediate surgery, wound care, ingested poison care, oxygen therapy and other procedures to stabilize your pet’s condition. We will then provide ongoing care to ensure complete recovery from the problem. Our team in Pensacola does careful monitoring of patients under our care and will ensure your pet has the attention he or she needs.

Veterinary Diagnostic and Treatment of Pet Emergencies

When your pet has an urgent care incident, your Brentwood Animal Hospital vet will use diagnostic measures, such as visual examination, x-rays, ultrasound, as well as blood and urine tests, to determine the source of the problem. Immediate treatment will be administered, such as medications, IV fluids, surgery or other procedures. Your pet may need to stay at the animal hospital for monitoring and continued care. Once the animal has been stabilized, you will be given instructions for home care. A follow-up visit will ensure that your pet is progressing as expected.

Make The Brentwood Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian for Pet Urgent Care

Dr. Todd Burnett and his staff are committed to providing a full range of veterinary services to patients in Pensacola, FL and surrounding communities to keep them healthy and happy at all stages of life. You can always depend on compassionate care and individualized attention for your pet. Contact The Brentwood Animal Hospital today at 850-434-2646 and learn more about our urgent care pet services. We are located at 5101 N. Palafox St., Pensacola, FL 32505.