Pet Vaccinations with Your Veterinarian

You love your furry family members and want them to live a long and healthy life. To us at The Brentwood Animal Hospital, that means making sure your pet has the right preventative medicine, including pet vaccinations. We recommend that every pet patient we have come in for regular wellness exams, beginning at about six weeks of age, and these exams will always include the correct vaccinations for your pet's age and environment.

pet vaccinations from our veterinarian in pensacola

Pensacola Veterinarian Discusses Pet Vaccines

Just like with humans, vaccines for pets are chemicals injected into the body that encourage the body's immune response to grow. These chemicals don't prevent disease on their own, they cause the body to become immune by itself. When animals are born they get immunity passed on from their mother, and infant mammals continue to get immunity through their mother's milk. After the animals are weaned, though, this immunity wears off and has to be replaced by medical means.

Puppies and kittens should be brought in for their first examination and vaccination at around six to eight weeks of age. We'll schedule a series of appointments after this, with a total of four in your pet's first year. By the time your dog or cat reaches one year of age, its immunity should be strong, only requiring regular booster shots to keep it strong.

Adult animals should come in annually for a wellness exam. Some of the vaccines it needs only need to be administered every two or three years, but other should be used annually.

Pet Vaccines Needed

Pet vaccines come in two basic types, non-core and core. The core vaccinations are those that every pet needs, like rabies and distemper. Non-core, on the other hand, is only given to pets that need them, depending on where they live or what type of lifestyle they have. For instance, if your dog runs around in wooded areas, we might recommend a vaccine against Lyme disease. If you travel for business and board your cat frequently, it will need to be vaccinated against bordetella, or kennel cough. You'll consult with our vet to determine what vaccinations your pet needs each time you visit.

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Vaccinations are just one part of responsible pet ownership, but they're a crucial part of keeping your pet healthy. Our veterinarian in Pensacola, Dr. Burnett, has been caring for Florida pets for the past 11 years, and he's looking forward to meeting your favorite animal. If you have any questions about pet vaccinations, or if your pet hasn't had a wellness exam in over a year, call our office to schedule an appointment. You can contact us at 850-434-2646 six days a week.