Pet Wellness Exams at Brentwood Animal Hospital

Keep your pet happy and healthy with the help of the compassionate and experienced veterinary team at Brentwood Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian offers wellness services and pet wellness exams to new and existing patients. Learn more about our wellness services at Brentwood Animal Hospital.

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What to Know About Pet Wellness

For more than 40 years, The Brentwood Animal Hospital team has been dedicated to providing high-quality pet wellness care to pet of Pensacola and surrounding areas. Dr. Burnett is well-versed in all wellness services and takes the time to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health. Pet wellness services include:

  • Pet dental
  • Core and non-core vaccinations
  • Regular wellness exams
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Spay & neuter

Regular check-ups and vaccinations are necessary to keep your pet healthy and prevent the development of a serious health condition. Spay and neutering services reduce the feral population and can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Flea and tick preventions reduce potential illnesses in a pet from parasites. Pet dental visits can address any oral infections and detect signs of specific illnesses in a pet, as well as maintain an animal’s dental health. All of these wellness services and more are available to help you provide the very best care for your pet.

Why Are Pet Wellness Exams Important?

Pet wellness exams are crucial in detecting health problems in a pet. Catching a disease or problem early on can often make for better success rates when it comes to treatment with less associated expense for owners and less stress and discomfort for pets. A wellness program generally includes routine deworming, vaccinations and heartworm prevention. Our veterinarian can suggest a wellness program to suit the needs of the age, breed, lifestyle and overall health of your pet. Find out more today.

What Happens During a Pet Wellness Exam?

Our vet will perform a nose to tail inspection of your pet. Any observable signs of infection, lacerations or illness will be noted and the animal will be gently touched and palpated around areas such as the lymph nodes and abdominal area. Necessary and recommended vaccinations may be given during the exam. Findings will be discussed with the pet owner and suggestions may be made for dietary changes, other wellness services or activities to improve the behavior of a pet.

Mention any concerns you may have about your pet’s health, behavior and training during a visit. Our vet is here to address your veterinary concerns.

Brentwood Animal Hospital Makes It Easy to Care for Your Pet

Pet owners have come to rely upon the in-house and online services at Brentwood Animal Hospital. Get the medications you need and a faster turnaround on test results from our in-house laboratory and pharmacy. Complete online forms at home and bring them in during a scheduled appointment or emergency visit.

Our team can recommend a pet insurance or payment plan to make wellness care, pet exams and emergency visits more affordable. Talk to our payment specialist to find out more about your options today.

How Our Vets Keep Your Pet Healthy

Our veterinarians are experienced in many aspects of health and wellness care for pets. Talk to them about necessary vaccinations and concerns during an exam or check-up. Veterinarians also provide guidance on dietary changes during various stages of life and can advise on training a pet. Our vets at Brentwood Animal Hospital are here to help you pet enjoy a long and healthy life. Check our specials to make regular veterinary care more affordable. Contact a friendly associate to find out more about any of the veterinary services available at our animal hospital.

Schedule Your Pet Wellness Exam Today

Maintain the health of your pet and prevent a serious health condition with regular pet wellness exams and vaccinations. Our veterinary staff are available during weekday and weekend hours to attend to the special needs of your pet.

Do you want to know more about wellness services and pet wellness exams available at our animal hospital? Call us at 850-434-2646 to learn about specific wellness services and schedule a pet wellness exam or initial visit.