Treatment for Unconsciousness at Our Pensacola Pet Emergency Clinic

Few things will strike more fear into a pet owner than a beloved animal suddenly sinking into unconsciousness or failing to wake up normally. Loss of consciousness can stem from a variety of possible causes, some of which constitute veterinary emergencies. Fortunately, if your pet faints or otherwise loses consciousness, he can get top-quality care right here at The Brentwood Animal Hospital, your trusted Pensacola pet emergency clinic.


Loss of Consciousness in Animals

Your pet probably spends many hours a day enjoying healthy, safe unconsciousness in the form of sleep. However, a sudden, dangerous, or inexplicable loss of consciousness may also occur. Possible reasons for loss of consciousness may include:

  • Ingestion of toxic substances such as household cleaners or medications
  • A stroke, tumor, seizure disorder, or other brain problem
  • Lack of proper blood flow to the brain due to a cardiac problem
  • Heatstroke
  • Shock and blood loss due to trauma
  • Infections
  • Fluctuations in blood sugar related to diabetes

A pet may collapse without actually losing consciousness. An epileptic seizure in a dog, for instance, may or may not produce unconsciousness alongside its other symptoms. Signs that confirm outright unconsciousness include a weak heartbeat or pulse, lack of eye movement, abnormal breathing, and pale gums.

Bring Your Unconscious Pet to The Brentwood Animal Hospital

The Brentwood Animal Hospital has the necessary blend of skills and experience to diagnose and treat your unconscious pet. Our animal hospital can run sophisticated evaluations to pinpoint the underlying cause. We can administer emergency care to boost blood pressure, cool a heat-stricken body, and remove toxins. If trauma is responsible for the loss of consciousness, our veterinarian can stop blood loss, seal lacerations, and treat shock.

Some underlying conditions may make your pet vulnerable to future bouts of unconsciousness. Fortunately, we can help with those as well. Our animal hospital can treat any chronic conditions that may produce recurring fainting spells. If, for instance, your pet suffers from diabetes, we can prescribe insulin to help regulate his blood sugar levels. We can also treat heart disorders and neurological conditions that might put your pet at elevated risk for loss of consciousness.

Contact Our Pensacola Veterinarian

Don't hesitate to contact our animal hospital if your pet loses consciousness. Call our Pensacola veterinarian at (850) 434-2646 for emergency advice and to let us know that you're on your way. We're ready, willing, and able to help your best friend!