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Pet Vaccines at Brentwood Animal Hospital In Pensacola, FL

The best thing a pet owner can give a beloved animal, aside from love, is the gift of good health. Your pet can't make his own decisions or schedule his own veterinary appointments; he's depending on you to know what's best and to do the right things. One of those right things is making sure your pet gets the necessary vaccinations to protect against dangerous diseases. We're happy to provide those periodic vaccinations here at Brentwood Animal Hospital.

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Yes, Your Pet Needs to be Vaccinated

Vaccinations can do pets a world of good. If you've been holding off on your pet's vaccinations because you're worried about potential side effects, put your fears to rest. Other than some mild soreness, swelling, or flu-like symptoms, vaccinations pose no threat to most animals. (Even an allergic reaction to a vaccine can be dealt with by our caring professionals.) A far greater threat to your pet's health comes from deadly communicable disease germs. Vaccines guard against that threat by mimicking the germ in question. When the vaccine enters your pet's body, the immune system responds by manufacturing antibodies against that particular "invader." The immune system then remembers how to replicate such antibodies for when the actual germ attacks.

Vaccination Schedules for Baby Animals and Adult Pets

Baby animals will have some antibodies, courtesy of their mother's milk, during their first few weeks of life. By the 6-week mark, however, we need to administer a set of vaccinations known as core vaccinations. These shots are the ones every pet needs to fight off the most common threats. Puppies and kittens receive core vaccinations against rabies and their species-specific forms of distemper; puppies also get vaccinated against parvo and hepatitis, while kittens get vaccinated against calicivirus and rhinotracheitis. We administer four rounds of these shots before your pet reaches adulthood as a fully reinforcing immunity.

But adult pets need vaccinations, too. Those core vaccines have a limited life span, and they begin to wear off at intervals of 1 to 3 years. Our veterinary clinic will give your pet vaccination updates according to a predefined schedule. If your pet needs to be boarded or move to some other higher-risk environment, he may need elective ("non-core") vaccinations against disease such as feline leukemia or Bordetella. We can keep you advised as to which of these shots your pet might require.

Contact Our Pensacola Veterinary Clinic

If you love your pet and want the best for him, you'll want to schedule those all-important vaccinations at our Pensacola veterinary clinic. Call Brentwood Animal Hospital at 850-434-2646 to schedule vaccinations or booster shots!