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The Brentwood Animal Hospital: The Very Best in Pet Care and Healing

If your pet was ill or injured in an accident, where would you take it to make sure they received the latest and best in treatment techniques?  If you are like so many other pet owners in Pensacola, you would probably bring your pet to The Brentwood Animal Hospital, where there are veterinarians that are qualified and experienced to treat practically any condition that might affect your pet. The Brentwood Animal Hospital is also outfitted as one of the most complete pet boarding facilities in the Pensacola area, so whatever your pet’s needs are, we can fulfill them.

Pets Can Get Sick Just Like People

Dogs, cats, and other animals that are kept as pets have body systems that resemble and function much like humans. Likewise, animals suffer from a wide variety of maladies, just as humans do. These include not only the more common problems like colds, infections, sprains, broken bones and others, but also conditions such as allergies, asthma, heatstroke and dehydration, arthritis, diabetes, and many others. Most of these have causes from the environment, and others have causes that occur in the process of living and aging.

The good news in all this is that just as treatment options for humans have grown and improved, so have those used in the treatment of animals of all types and their conditions. At The Brentwood Animal Hospital, our veterinarian team is qualified to diagnose and treat any illness or injury that might affect your pet. With regular wellness visits, your veterinarian can diagnose and treat any conditions you’re your pet may have.

However, they might occur, your veterinarian can diagnose and treat conditions that might otherwise not be apparent early on, such as arthritis and diabetes. But this takes much more than just a cursory examination. In many cases, other treatments may be needed, like laser therapy which works using deep-penetrating light to promote a chain of chemical reactions that increase the body own natural healing ability.

Complete Pet Care at The Brentwood Animal Hospital

If you are like most people, you have probably found yourself in situations where you needed to make sure that your pet would be in good, attentive, qualified care. You probably agonized over who would be trustworthy, not to mention available, to provide the best veterinarian care. Next time, think of The Brentwood Animal Hospital, which provides nothing but the best pet boarding, as well as the best veterinarian care in the Pensacola area.

Call us at (850) 434-2646 or come in today for more information about The Brentwood Animal Hospital. 

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  • "I have been using this vet for about 20 years. I know when I take my fur babies there they will be treated like family. They have such kindness and love for the animals they take care of. I have boarded my babies there and didn't have to worry how they would be treated. Doc is the best, he even takes the time to return a call on his days off and to call in a prescription too! I trust no one but Brentwood Animal Hospital with my fur babies."
    Amy H.
  • "I really love this place the Dr and staff are welcoming and friendly since I been going for my pets this place rocks!"
    Salaina R.
  • "Dr Burnett and his staff are awesome. I've been going to Brentwood Animal Hospital for 6 year. They take exceptional care of my Abbygirl English bulldog. No more allergy problems. I would highly recommend this animal hospital."
    Ramona M.
  • "I have been coming here since the early 90's....will never go anywhere else...Dr. Burnett is the best. 😊"
    Carol M.
  • "My cat had a previous blockage and was worried he was experiencing another one. We brought him in without an appointment and they got us in an out within an hour. Professional and friendly. Definitely coming back!"
    Elle V.
  • "Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who really care about your pets. Thanks for all that you do."
    Kevin K.
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